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Külip – “Blue Beemer Blues”

Monday 18 March 2013 - Filed under Lyrics

©1994 Mindhue Studio

Thumb down the window, last cigarette gone
Turn up the Clarion and wait for the dawn
Parked up on Mt. Bonnell in my 735
The numbness is wearing off, I think Iím alive

But the feeling is diff’rent
Things lookin’ strange
I thought I was over this
I think I’m in pain…

The papers were signed today, she got her laugh
The leather seats I’m sitting on are what’s left of my half
I sold all the equities, the house mortgage too
I got a thousand C-notes in the back, I think that should do.

But Hawkins is on the disk, talking that line,
Old Lightin’ is flickerin’, you gotta do your time.
Hooker follows with a bulletin, give me the news
At the bottom of the Stoli I finally found a clue
And Blind Lemon Jefferson advised me what to do:
“You may have got the Beemer, son, but you still got the blues.”

Take it to the Interstate
And right ’round the bend
I’d gladly drive a Cavalier
If this pain would end

I never thought I’d realize what the blues was about
Or sit here cryin’ ’bout my baby walkin’ out
But this indigo driving machine is my ultimate friend
If it takes me far enough something’s gotta mend

I didn’t know what I had
‘Til it was something to lose
But now I know just what I got:
The blue-Beemer blues…

The blue-Beemer blues…
repeat to fade

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