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Dreamscenes: Jamming with Sleater-Kinney

Monday 2 June 2014 - Filed under Dreamscenes

I was pretty stoked to play bass with Sleater-Kinney! We started up in an empty living room with beige carpet, with one whole wall open to the street. For some reason, Janet Weiss, the drummer, was not there, but that was okay. After a couple of jams they told me I should change into a costume for the next song. I went behind a low dividing wall and found a large suit in green plush with pink spikes along the back that looked like a dragon or Godzilla. It was hard to play the frets with the clawed gloves on, but I managed. I had to get a longer cord, though, because we went out into the front lawn for the rest of the set. Some sand got on the costume, but we had a great time! I was surprised when the spindle of the tuning head for my D string broke off — I had been gigging for years and had broken countless strings, just never a tuning head. We were obviously rocking out! They told me they were planning to tour soon, I should probably make arrangements. I was excited, and hoped my wife would be, too.

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