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File: October 2014

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2014-10-28 :: Edward Semblance // Squibs
Squib: First Day of Session

Forms of Energal Control, a third-year course. Unassuming in name, but the scuttlebutt said otherwise. The instructor was legendary. He was a deep tan, medium-height, a little heavy, bald as an egg. Seeing him from a distance, or in line at the school commissary, you’d never guess him to be faculty unless he was wearing […]

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2014-10-16 :: Edward Semblance // Dreamscenes
Dreamscenes: Powder Attack

There was a group of us in a large hostel or other situation; it had the feel of a reality-TV show, but the end-game was nebulous and there were no obvious plants, producers or executives around. Something was going on, though; an old friend of mine had accused me of sexual harassment and the situation […]

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