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Thursday 14 March 2013 - Filed under Squibs

It’s not just jet lag that gets you otherside. It’s eclipsetime that always messes you up. Ninety minutes of darkness with a black hole cutting through the stars, ringed with a faint dusty annulus. Min-morning if you’re in Atherton, mid-afternoon if you’re in Srendix. And in Feisul-Malabi, it’s right at noon.

Outside doesn’t have siesta. Neither does the rim. Garnicht has false-dawn, five minutes of sunlight peeking between Centrix and the horizon before disappearing again. It’s only where Centrix pulls away from the horizon enough for an eclipse to have meaning does siesta happen. It keeps things weird, it breaks things up. Atherton has early tea, siesta, then begins its day. Srendix considers it a good time to read a book, or the Bible, if you’re so inclined, before going out for a constitutional. Feisul-Malabi shuts down completely for midday dinner by candlelight.

But, then one can’t forget the nighttime effects of Centrix. A giant, hanging lantern of roiling clouds, suspended everywhere you go. In Feisul it’s somewhat unnerving. Although it makes things easier for lighting and for visibility, it takes days before one can get a good night’s sleep. A constant, continuous dusk, except the light is from overhead. Make you happy to return outside, to where Centrix can be inferred and not seen.


2013-03-14  »  Edward Semblance