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Dreamscenes: Powder Attack

Thursday 16 October 2014 - Filed under Dreamscenes

There was a group of us in a large hostel or other situation; it had the feel of a reality-TV show, but the end-game was nebulous and there were no obvious plants, producers or executives around. Something was going on, though; an old friend of mine had accused me of sexual harassment and the situation had only resolved itself by my desperate but successful attempt at time-traveling video editing. I had managed to delete the original footage of her accusation — either by finding the editing console or just by turning off the camera that recorded it in the past, it wasn’t quite clear — and the whole arc had blipped out of existence. However, there were plenty of people still in the building, some friendly, some not. In the large buffet dining area, I discovered an interesting nozzle attached to a hose, the end of which looked like the pouring spout of a fluted coffee carafe. For some reason, I was sure I could use it to my advantage. Sure enough, when squeezed, the nozzle emitted a spray of fine cream-colored powder that, when splattered across people’s eyes, rendered them inert. It wasn’t quite obvious whether they’d been blinded or just made quiescent, but I was firm on pressing my advantage. However, my plan hit a snag with the people in the group who were wearing glasses. Since their lenses protected their eyes they weren’t affected by the tranquilizer, and one of them found a nozzle similar to mine. I knew that I’d have to think of another plan,  but quick.

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