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Külip – “Evanston”

Monday 18 March 2013 - Filed under Lyrics

©1995 Mindhue Studio

The heated fires that drove me here
Blasting an in-line six
Now cooled into a curve that curls
Her hair, her hand, her wrist

The glowing coals that bake and bend the snow-white dough
The coal-black steel my heart expands and tempers here
Passion with warmth, sacrifice with compromise
These are love’s embers, banked and red upon your eyes

Talk behind and heat between
Silent now and waiting time
The scent of her, the touch of cloth
I hold her close and wish her mine

Sweet lake town shores are where I’d stay
I close my eyes and want her more
But darkness falls, and I’ll see tonight
Old Tulsa’s lights on I-44

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