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Conspiracy Theorists – “Hong Kong Restaurant”

Saturday 23 February 2013 - Filed under Lyrics

Hong Kong Restaurant

©2003 Mindhue Studio
Wake me in the morning baby
Wake me in the night
If you’re feeling hungry baby
I’ll make you feel all right
If you’re feeling sour baby
I’ll make it nice and sweet
Stir it up with your fluffy rice
And make you feel the heat

Ever since I saw you baby
You’re the spice for me
I’ll take you straight with soy sauce baby
No need for MSG
A little ginger in your chicken baby
A little pepper in your beef
Let me in your kitchen baby
Open sesame

I lost my heart to a black-haired woman
From old Shanghai town
Now you gotta tell me baby
I’m the best iron chef around
Let me use your chopsticks baby
My fingers know what to do
And give me some of that sweet sweet sauce
To dip my eggroll in to.

2013-02-23  »  Edward Semblance