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2013-03-18 :: Edward Semblance // Lyrics
Külip – “Second Person”

©1998 Mindhue Studio I can lie  to myself, I can lie to everyone else But if I lie to you, I’ve got no one left I bought a liter with a thirty-dollar bill I drank it down and felt a little ill I told myself that the pain would go away But it was waiting […]

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2013-03-18 :: Edward Semblance // Lyrics
Külip – “Blue Beemer Blues”

©1994 Mindhue Studio Thumb down the window, last cigarette gone Turn up the Clarion and wait for the dawn Parked up on Mt. Bonnell in my 735 The numbness is wearing off, I think Iím alive But the feeling is diff’rent Things lookin’ strange I thought I was over this I think I’m in pain… […]

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