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File: May 2014

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I have been a science fiction nut probably since I first started to read. It didn’t help that I saw Star Wars at the tender young age of six, and it completely blew my young mind. My Dad actually took off work so we could go see it, and I remember everything about our trip […]

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2014-05-11 :: Edward Semblance // Snapsongs
Snapsongs: “La Villa Strangiato” by Rush

Ahhh, Rush. Amongst a certain demographic, the ne plus ultra of rock groups. It took me a while, but I finally got there. They’d been active pretty much all of my musically conscious life, but none of the parental generation in my family was into them, and I never listened to the radio stations that […]

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2014-05-10 :: Edward Semblance // Dreamscenes
Dreamscenes: Rare Album

I was able to score a copy of Black Sabbath’s “real” first album, Malleus Maleficarum, which was recorded on 8/5/74, according to the album artwork. The title track was excellent, and it had an early version of “Fairies Wear Boots”. However, it was packaged in a special “long” CD jewel case, which meant I had […]

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2014-05-05 :: Edward Semblance // Dreamscenes
Dreamscenes: On the Down-Low

It’s always best if you wait until after your semester-end critique of your design class to shoot up with the very amber liquid heroin you keep in Mason jars in the door shelves of your refrigerator.

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