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File: August 2014

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2014-08-21 :: Edward Semblance // Dreamscenes
Dreamscenes: Odd Reruns

I was waiting for a friend to finish shopping for groceries, and was sitting out in the large entryway where the shopping carts were lined up. There was an old TV lying face-up on the corner, so my wife and I  went over to have a look. It had knobs and dials for tuning, and […]

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2014-08-12 :: Edward Semblance // Dreamscenes
Dreamscenes: Heavy Weather

Nobody was panicking, everyone was calm, but the storm was intense and the rain was heavy. During a momentary lull, I looked out of the large picture window at the bright line of the horizon, where blue sky was framed by dark clouds and shining trees. We went outside to check on things, and the […]

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