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Dreamscenes: Odd Reruns

Thursday 21 August 2014 - Filed under Dreamscenes

I was waiting for a friend to finish shopping for groceries, and was sitting out in the large entryway where the shopping carts were lined up. There was an old TV lying face-up on the corner, so my wife and I  went over to have a look. It had knobs and dials for tuning, and I nodded and mentioned that this was definitely on the old broadcast standard and wouldn’t be able to pick anything up. On a lark I turned it on, and started twisting the knobs. Most of the channels held nothing but snow, but there was something being broadcast on channel 11.

I was surprised to say the least, but I figured someone was attempting to keep the old technology alive. The picture was quite dark, so I tuned it in so that I could actually see what was playing. It was a colorized episode of “I Love Lucy”, although the background sets and colors made it look like a 70s game show like Match Game or The Price Is Right. The actor on the screen was someone I recognized as a former porn star, who had publicly renounced his former career and had become something of a minor sensation. He was wearing an orange jumpsuit for some reason. I vaguely remembered he’d been in an accident or something, for he had to lever himself up from the stage with large poles held in his hands, and his feet had been replaced with metal claws in black and silver. I was happy to see that he’d been able to make the transition without too much problem, because he was able to launch himself off-screen without problem using the poles.

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