Random thoughts, settings, characters, situations, perhaps leading somewhere

Raison d’Etre

Well, there was once a time when I wrote quite a lot. There were actually several times, spaced out over a period of years, where I would get the writing bug and immerse myself happily in an alternate universe of my characters and myself. Those years have been quite some time in the past.

Will a blog be the best way to pull that early inspiration back out into the light? I don’t know. It feels kinda odd to be doing it on the Internet, as it is a public agora full of spammers and whatnot, but the positive is that I can do this anywhere I find a computer and access, and I don’t need to deal with a specific word processing program.

One thing I’m thinking will be important to this experiment is that I sever all ties with my writing of the past. I’ve used this pseudonym for my music and lyrics, so why not my writing as well? Once of the main problems with my writing for the past ten or so years is that I self-edit and self-critique far too much. Perhaps if I allow myself an alter-ego I can throw that perfectionism to the wind. And if that happens, perhaps I can let in old situations, settings or characters back in.

We shall see.