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2013-04-11 :: Edward Semblance // Squibs

“Dockside” brings up scenes of salt spray, bobbing hulls and screaming gulls, but it’s just about the furthest from the truth in my line of work. Maybe in Solyi Pergani or Isildan, but not in Solyi Avanhoi. Dockside there is sand burn, whipping winds and croaking chensureets. It’s about repacking bearings and training talents. There’s […]

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2013-03-22 :: Edward Semblance // Squibs
At the Sunset Monsoon

It was long sunset, and the wind was high. The sound from the drezo grove was a vast, encompassing sussuration, at once loud and subtle, and gently modulating in a slow oscillation. Sprinkled in the sound was the pealing of childish laughter. Simone pulled herself from her bitshifting and went to the side window. Although […]

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