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2014-04-06 :: Edward Semblance // Snapsongs
Snapsongs: “Come Together” by the Beatles

A quick snippet: senior year in high school. A milling mass crowded into a cul-de-sac of blue steel lockers, some intent on getting their books and packs for the next class, some proceeding more leisurely. Lunchtimes were staggered in my school, with the student body split between early A Lunch and later B Lunch. There […]

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2013-08-01 :: Edward Semblance // Snapsongs
Snapsongs: “1984/Jump” by Van Halen

Another scene set here: summer of 1986. It was the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of high school. Halley’s Comet had been something of a bust, but there were interesting things happening in the summer sky, and I was tracking Mars, Jupiter and Saturn on a huge wall map of Wil Tirion’s Sky […]

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2013-04-14 :: Edward Semblance // Squibs
Squibs: At the Community Garden

I love sitting in the shade of the supplants, over in the corner of the plots with a nice lawnchair set up on the firebreak stones. Some of the other gardeners won’t come over here, so it’s nice and peaceful, and the bees hum contentedly along with my iPod. I got the adapter, so I […]

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2013-04-11 :: Edward Semblance // Squibs

“Dockside” brings up scenes of salt spray, bobbing hulls and screaming gulls, but it’s just about the furthest from the truth in my line of work. Maybe in Solyi Pergani or Isildan, but not in Solyi Avanhoi. Dockside there is sand burn, whipping winds and croaking chensureets. It’s about repacking bearings and training talents. There’s […]

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2013-04-11 :: Edward Semblance // Squibs
Map Confusion

Nothing was getting through. English was not an option. The guy looked at me quizzically, a sympathetic smile forming on his mouth. I said, “Well, maybe I’ll show you where I’m from, that will help.” So I pulled out a pen and a piece of paper, placing it on a flat part of the vehicle […]

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2013-03-24 :: Edward Semblance // Squibs

Bright sunlight woke me. I blearily raised my head from my tucked arm, and tensed. I was in the beginning of a bad novel. I was sprawled facedown on sacks of garbage, their dark green plastic warming in the spotty sunlight and emitting their customary fragrance. Concrete gritted under the tips of my shoes. Steel […]

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2013-03-18 :: Edward Semblance // Squibs
Lunar Imposition

Imagine an evening, freshening breeze and deepening shades. Out in the neighborhood, watching the stars flicker between the early-budded twigs. Nearing the horizon, a growing crescent of Moon swings midway two bracketing stars, the crook just a little lower than the intervening line, as if the weight of the satellite was straining a net between. […]

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