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When you’re stuck in a musty filing office running credit cards for the Accounts/Receivable department of a high-tech equipment manufacturer, there’s not a whole lot you can say about the situation. So you tend to try to focus on the positive. Nobody bothered me much, the invoice printer would loudly do my job for me, […]

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2014-02-07 :: Edward Semblance // Snapsongs
Snapsongs: “Medicine Hat” by Son Volt

2003. I’d heard Son Volt from a friend in the late 90s, and I appreciated what I’d heard, but I didn’t really get into Jay Ferrar’s solo alt-country project until a few years later. In the interim, a girlfriend of mine had owned Straightaways, which I found intriguing. Much later, after we broke up, I […]

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2013-03-18 :: Edward Semblance // Lyrics
Külip – “Work It Out”

©1998 Mindhue Studio She saw him on the road shouting at the stars Caught in the headlights of the passing cars He uses her as a shield against the rain She unfolds herself and covers up his pain She was buttoned up so tight she couldn’t see the sky But she stopped to let him […]

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2013-03-18 :: Edward Semblance // Lyrics
Külip – “Second Person”

©1998 Mindhue Studio I can lie  to myself, I can lie to everyone else But if I lie to you, I’ve got no one left I bought a liter with a thirty-dollar bill I drank it down and felt a little ill I told myself that the pain would go away But it was waiting […]

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