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Conspiracy Theorists – “Lo-Fi Feeling”

Saturday 23 February 2013 - Filed under Lyrics

Lo-Fi Feeling

©2003 Mindhue Studio
Got that lo-fi feeling
Got it deep within
Tear it to the basics
Bare it down to skin
Feel it in the rhythm
Feel it in the bone
Hear it in the laughter
Hear it in the moan

Got that lo-fi feeling
Got that lo-fi sound
Listen to the singer
Drummer starts to pound
Fingers picking the chords out
Fingers bass the beat
Use that lo-fi feeling
To help you move your feet

Got that lo-fi feelng
Got it through your soul
Close your eyes around it
Let it take control
Extrasolar passion
Stars that fill your mind
Take that lo-fi feeling
And discover what you find

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