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Conspiracy Theorists – “Separate Lives”

Saturday 23 February 2013 - Filed under Lyrics

Separate Lives

©2003 Mindhue Studio

You can do whatever you want
Cause you’ll just do it anyway
You can say whatever you want
It doesn’t matter what I say
You can speak a foreign tongue
I’ll just hear what I may
You can write it down for me
And I’ll just throw the note away

Come with me you will see
This life is the perfect stage
You live there and I’ll live here
And both of us will write the play

Up is left and down is good
And right is white and bad is gray
Douse the fire and melt the ice
And let the water flow away
Jump around and have some fun
Sing and shout and dance and play
When it’s done we’ll lay back down
And dream to see another day

2013-02-23  »  Edward Semblance