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Külip – “Sparks in a Line”

Monday 18 March 2013 - Filed under Lyrics

© 1998 Mindhue Studio

Pause a moment and watch the side
Bits of glass in the weeds and gravel
Glint against the setting sun
Cutting along the path I travel

I knew a man who took a ride
On a molecule he couldn’t spell
He told me it was more than fun
To count the lights as he fell

Sparks in a line

At night I look far ahead
Glow of brakes in the growing dusk
A chain of embers from a cigarette
Strewn to ashes and cooled to dust

As red as Mars along the Milky Way
Or bright as Canopus in the southern sky
The dust of stars curls like a veil of smoke
And overwhelms the stinging eye

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