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2013-03-18 :: Edward Semblance // Lyrics
Külip – “Sparks in a Line”

© 1998 Mindhue Studio Pause a moment and watch the side Bits of glass in the weeds and gravel Glint against the setting sun Cutting along the path I travel I knew a man who took a ride On a molecule he couldn’t spell He told me it was more than fun To count the […]

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2013-03-18 :: Edward Semblance // Lyrics
Külip – “Ozona”

©1998 Mindhue Studio Take it down Kiss the ground Never stare At the air The sun will burn As you yearn For the breath Of Ozona Tangy spark In the dark Smell the storm You alone Let the rain Cool the pain And the kiss Of Ozona She was there Unaware Transparently Took her leave […]

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