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Külip – “Veiled Variations”

Monday 18 March 2013 - Filed under Lyrics

©1995 Mindhue Studio

Impress black dress
And its static caress
Around you as you talk
Phrases as you talk

Confess, or repress
The impulse to posess
Feel the crackle of the shock
Resolution is not rock

first chorus
One lives a life inside onself
Confusion is a simple thing
Sometimes I demand too much
For the guidance that desire brings

Discern concern
In your careful turn
Phrases as you talk
Around you as you walk

Disarm alarm
Intensity is not harm
Resolution not rock
Feel the crackle of the shock

second chorus
My disappointment turning black
Everything in a fading light
Hesitations are mine to mend
Bide my time to make them sin

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