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Squibs: Riding the Spheres

Saturday 17 August 2013 - Filed under Squibs

In a properly-arranged cibation, there is no acceleration, no feeling of movement until you look around and you’re already gone. But the difficulty is arranging it properly. If the congelation is too slow, or there is residual xanthosis on the chalk disks, or one of your bodies has moved out of trine and into quadrature in the minutes it took you to set things up, then there will be a jerk. And sometimes it will be major.

I usually carry an extra flask of liver of stibium to try and mitigate this, if I’m under stress and haven’t had a chance to consult my almanack properly. It helps shield the interface from any melancholic flow from my hands, especially if Saturn is ascendent.


2013-08-17  »  Edward Semblance