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On the Out

Thursday 21 March 2013 - Filed under Squibs

Rough days, what’s the economy? Scraping energy to survive. Barely any sun, but plenty of space to collect it. Huge sheets of ice flash-frozen into solar bowls that concentrate dim Jovian sun down to Earthly brightness. Some is reflected through thick fibers to illuminate caves of field greens; oxygen and sustenance in one simple package. Some is allowed to heat ice to melting, to be pumped through conduits for drinking, washing, cleaning, processing, heating. Final sun is converted to electricity to power the simple pleasures we might share: musicbox, gameboard, internet, video streams. And then there’s the alternative pastimes. Would you believe we sew for amusement? Someone brought linseed with her from Earth, grew it in her own quarters, and made a measured quantity of linen thread. Her grandchildren have a small plot in the fieldcaves for their crops. We supplement it with wire and finespun insulation.

But that’s when we’re home. Mostly, we’re on the out.

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2013-03-21  »  Edward Semblance