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American Containment

Wednesday 7 November 2018 - Filed under Hot Takes

It’s been two years since Trump heralded the rise of the angry white Christian voter, and the midterms have solidified this particular demographic. The areas of the country that have seen their economies and populations hollowed out since the 1980s, with the dynamic, tolerant and capable individuals making their escape to the cities and coasts, are firmly on-board with a reactionary, Dominionist white Christian philosophy. The remaining tolerant populations, while there, are nowhere near numerous enough to counteract this demographic tendency.

So what to do? Fascist faux-Christian authoritarianism has coupled with Putin’s white-power Russia to keep a hold upon the American heartland. With Russian interference driving the money and media narrative behind this insurrection, I say we take a page from the Cold War playbook. I propose Dominionist Containment. Give the violent Godbotherers the South and Central heartland, and build a true Blue Wall around these sites of infection. Hopefully demographics and death will slowly eat away at these reactionary reservations, and slowly return the country to health.

2018-11-07  »  Edward Semblance